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The environment protection and the health of our planet have always been important themes for Forapack.
As plastic materials transformator, we feel particularly called into question and we are aware that it is our duty to educate and sensibilize our customers and final clients towards consciously use our packagings and reduce food waste.

We make our products with periodic upgrades of our machineries for the processing of bio materials. We promote sustainable realizations and we optimize the waste managment (production waste, emissions, tarsnports). Finally we ancourage a zero-waste culture amongst our team.

But this is not enough for us!

To the “plastic-free” slogan Forapack replies with a conscoius “useful-plastic” for a sustainable development.

Many aliments can’t avoid the packaging protection especially when aiming for a longer shelf-life. As well as many other products need to be packaged adequately for their use. Before being a polluting agent, plastic is protection against dangerous contaminations, it is barrier from harmful agents, it is hygene and safety for our health.

Biodegradable and compostable materials can be a future partial solution to this problem. The 100% recyclable materials, instead, can be a ready  and immediate solution for “bio-oriented” transformators like Forapack. We aim for a business ethics based on eco-humanism , in fact we know that by producing sustainibly we create value.

It is this orientation that has allowed us to develop products and sustainable solutions using materials which come from plant sources and can be disposed with biodegration and/or compostation. This is thanks to a constant research and analysis of the bioplastics present in the world.

The bioplastics so far used and tested on our machineries are: PLA, Biocartene®, Mater-Bi®, Naturflex®, PBAT.

Although these materials present crticical factors when it comes to the processing and preservation of the product, Forapack is activily involved studying and proposing the best combination to guarantee packagings able to keep the product shelf-life, its organolectic and visual characteristics, as well as its frangrance.

To find out about the best solutions for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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